Extra Eyes Wedding Photography

Extra Eyes Wedding Photography

High-quality,  elite, affordable photography.

Our photographers have 20+ years of experience in photography.

We are artists creating memories to last a lifetime.

Booking up to 2 years in advance.


Our Story

Pamela Goodyer is a renowned, international award-winning photographer. She also owns Photography Magazine Extra and teaches photography throughout the USA and Canada in between weddings.

If you want exquisite, artistic photography at affordable prices you have come to the right place.  Pamela is not only a photographer she is an artist. She studied at Philadelphia Colleges of the Arts.

Wedding and Engagement Photography

One of the most important parts of your wedding for you. “The” most important part for us.

The Groom & the Wedding Party

Extra Eyes Wedding Photography
Extra Eyes Wedding Photography
Extra Eyes Wedding Photography

The Bridesmaids

wedding photography extra pamela goodyer
wedding photography extra pamela goodyer

Attention to Every Last Detail

Picture Perfect Images

Main Ceremony Photography
Wedding Dinner & Party

Destination Photography

We will come along and you will never know we are there.

Complete Customized Photography

We will give you “Exactly” what you ask for.

Some of the Highest Quality Photography you will see in your lifetime.


Please let us know your date. We will give you a custom price quote to fit your exact needs.  We then hope to see you at our wedding!

Pamela Goodyer, an international award-winning photographer, also owns Photography Magazine Extra.   Please look at the magazine and see her travel photography and extensive knowledge of photography there.

Tri-State Area Wedding Photography Packages.

Elite, high-end wedding photographer Pamela Goodyer is available to make your wedding day go incredibly smoothly. Our professional wedding photography is of the highest quality and very affordable. We have years of experience. Be very careful who you hire. There are a lot of new photographers out there that can be somewhat deceptive. Ask what type of camera and lenses they shoot with. Ask to see the equipment. Google the cost of the equipment to see if it is entry-level or high-end equipment. This is the first indicator of an amateur. There are professional full-frame cameras and entry-level cameras. If a photographer does not have a full-frame camera, you are not getting the highest quality photography. But beware. Having high-end equipment does not make someone a good photographer, either. Ask to see numerous photos, not just a top 25 album. Talk to previous clients after getting references. Do your research.

Don’t trust your wedding photography at a destination far away from a stranger. Bring us with you. For only a small extra fee, you will have us available to cover the entire event from start to finish. Then after the wedding, we will be local to you! This is so important when we have your cherished memories to edit, protect, and produce.

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